1. Free admission.
2. Walk softly and slowly.
3. Eating, drinking or pets are prohibited in the museum.
4. Children (under 12 years) must be accompanied by an adult.
5. Please remove your shoes, books and indoor slippers when entering the museum.
6. Please dispose of any garbage generated by the library.
7. Smoking, pyrotechnics, firecrackers or outside food are strictly prohibited in the park.
8. Do not touch the doors and windows of the premises, unless otherwise specified.
9. In order to ensure the quality of historical building preservation and visits, the admission limit for each period is 40 people.
10. For groups of more than ten people, one week before the visit, you must complete an appointment application on the Internet. Those who have not completed the appointment need to reapply before they can enter the museum.
11. Only non-commercial, academic, educational or non-profit organization units are open for related research or marketing of Taoyuan Chinese culture. An online appointment application must be made one week ago, and the work can only be performed after the permission is approved. The clipped works must be submitted to the library for reference.
12. If the visitor fails to comply with the instructions for the visit or damages the building, equipment or exhibits, he / she shall be responsible for repairing compensation and related liabilities and problems arising therefrom.
13. The museum may, in accordance with actual needs, make timely adjustments to the total number of visitors to the museum and adjust its activities.
14. In order to protect the rights of personal portraits, if there are any visitors who are inconvenient to be photographed, please inform the building staff.

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